Lecture "Coordination and Collaboration in Government", Zagreb, 26 September 2012

John Halligan, professor of public administration at Australian University of Canberra, held his 2nd guest lecture on September 26th 2012 at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb named „Coordination and Collaboration in Government“. The lecture was moderated by Slavica Banic, the Secretary General of the Croatian Institute of Public Administration. The lecture gathered a great number of Faculty and Institute of Public administration members, as well as PhD students and others interested in the topic.

Collaboration and coordination in government are one specific field of prof. Halligan’s scientific interest. He wrote several scientific papers on the topic, including a chapter Central Steering in Australia“ in the book of Dahlström, Peters, Pierre (2011) „Steering From the Centre-Strengthening Political Control in Western Democracies“, held a presentation at EGPA 2012 Annual Conference held in Bergen in September and participated in international research project on whole of government concept. The everlasting actuality of the topic has been even more emphasized in the last few years when policy problems are more likely to overlap and in that way demand a horizontal, connecting approach in solving them.