A book on local and regional self-government reform in Croatia

reforma lrs
The book represents scientific almanac encompassing twelve papers originally presented at the conference “What kind of reform of local and regional self-government, organized by Institute of Public Administration and held in Zagreb on April 22nd 2010 and subsequently underwent international review. All papers are in Croatian, each accompanied by an English summary. In their papers, authors engage in problematization of all crucial aspects and components of territorial (local and regional) self-government in Croatia, identify fundamental problems of existing system and elaborate detailed suggestions for improvement of the system.Topics tackled are main features of existing and proposals for new territorial organisation (professor dr Ivan Kopric), local scope of affairs in the light of new functions and roles of local units (Mihovil Skarica), problems and new solutions in financing localscope of affairs (Helena Masaric), novelties in regional development and regional politics (assistant professor dr Vedran Djulabic), problems of big cities and their financing (assistant professor dr Tereza Rogic Lugaric), problems and potentials of sub-municipal self-government (Nives Kopajtich Skrlec), conditions and problems of local political institutions after introduction of direct election of mayors (professor dr Ivan Kopric, Tijana Vukojicic Tomic), human potentials management in the light of new local civil service legislation (associate professor dr Gordana Marcetic), analysis of existing situation and possible changes in the system of supervision over local units (dr Teodor Antic) and comparative examples of difficulties in decentralisation processes unwinding in France (Teo Giljevic), Greece (Romea Manojlovic) and Slovenia (Daria Dubajic).

All papers in the book are equipped with a summary and list of references. The book also contains paper summaries in English, as well as the list of authors.