New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 4/2013 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued.

The new issue of the journal contains papers dealing with administrative theory, public sector economy, politics and public administration as well as with civil service. The new issue contains eight scientific papers - of which two are original scientific papers and six review scientific papers - and one professional paper. Six papers are published in Croatian and three in English.

The first part of the journal deals with administrative theory, containing two papers. Paper published by assistant professor Goranka Lalić Novak is devoted to the topic of institutionalization of organisational field and the influence of institutional logics of administrative system on the transfer and interpretation of field rules in the case of asylum policy in Croatia. In his paper, Teo Giljević, PhD, analyses categories for studying coordination in the administrative system. The second part of the journal comprises two papers dealing with the topic of public sector economy. Professor Stanka Setnikar Cankar and Veronika Petkovšek are writing about the austerity measures in the public sector in Slovenia and other selected European countries. Assistant professor Tereza Rogić Lugarić and Jasna Bogovac, PhD, devoted their paper to legal and tax aspects of tax expenditures. The third part of the journal, covering the issue of politics and public administration, also includes two papers. Professor Attila Ágh is analysing administrative reforms in Hungaria, while Zoran Lončar, PhD, writes about ministerial responsibility in the Republic of Serbia. In special thematic block devoted to the memory of Academy member Eugen Pusić, professor Ivan Padjen explains the legal theory in socialist Yugoslavia. The last section of the journal containing scientific paper deals with the civil service, encompassing paper about the omissions of the conditionality policy regarding the assurance of the representation of national minorities in public authorities published by Antonija Petričušić, PhD, and Ljubomir Mikić. Professional paper published by Vojko Rešeter deals with the topic of Croatian state exam.

Alongside the scientific articles, this issue contains one book review, glossary written by Mihovil Škarica, PhD, court practice by the High administrative court of the Republic of Croatia, Administrative courts in Zagreb, Rijeka and Osijek and the Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Croatia. The journal also contains a number of news and information about relevant conferences and round tables.