New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 1/2013 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued. 

The new issue of the journal contains papers dealing with public administration education, administrative law and local self-government. The new issue contains ten scientific papers, three them of original scientific papers, four review scientific papers and three preliminary scientific reports. Eight papers are published in English and two in Croatian

The first part of the journal is devoted to the topic of public administration education. This part contains six papers which deal with various aspects of public administration education and give comparative examples of how this education in organized in different countries. Professor Ivan Koprić explains governance and its connection with administrative education in South Eastern Europe. Professor George Vernardakis has devoted his paper to French ENA and the influence ENA graduates have on public policy making. Denita Cepiku, PhD, explains the system of public administration education in Italy, while Professor Alexey Barabashev and Professor Tatiana Kastrel explain the trends in public administration education in Russia. Gordana Marčetić, Phd, Goranka Lalić Novak, PhD and Jasmina Džinić explain the system of public administration education in twelve post-socialist countries and study whether there is some convergence. Finally, Professor Sheila Kennedy explains the pedagogy of public administration education in the USA and broader.

The second part of the journal in devoted to administrative law and its contains papers written by Bosiljka Britvić Vetma, PhD, explaining the legal consequences of the decisions of administrative courts in EU countries and professor Borče Davitkovski and Elena Davitkovska, PhD, who explain the misdemeanour process in Macedonia.

The third part is devoted to local self-government in Slovenia, with the papers written by Miro Haček, PhD, and Anja Grabner dealing with sub-municipal division in Slovenia and Vladimir Prebilič, PhD, and Simona Kukovič who have elaborated the election of local mayors.

Besides scientific articles, this issue contains also one book review, glossary written by Krešimir Petković, PhD, court practice by the High administrative court of the Republic of Croatia, Administrative court in Rijeka, the Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Croatia, as well as a number of news and information from relevant conferences and round tables. This issue contains also the report on the journal in 2011 and 2012.