New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

The majority of scientific and professional papers published in the new issue of the „Croatian and Comparative Public Administration“ Journal (No. 1/2012) deal with various topics on local self-government in Europe as well as with certain aspects of public management in Croatia. Prof. István Temesi, Ándras Szalai and Renáta Tábit deal with various aspects of local self-government in Hungary. In that respect, prof. Temesi writes on status of capital city of Budapest, Szalai explains status of Hungarian villages, whereas Tabit deals with towns with county status. Prof. Michêle Breuillard, prof. Stéphane Guérard and prof. Guillaume Protiêre are concerned with local self-government in France. Breuillard explains the status of Paris, Guérard deals with decentralization process and regulation of French «new communes» while Protiêre elaborates the status of French metropolises. Frédéric Delauneville deals also with local self-government by explaining the special status of the city of Bratislava. Three papers deal with public management in Croatia. Prof. Jure Šimović and doc. Tereza Rogić Lugarić explain public utilities services and financial instruments, Morena Mičetić-Fabić analyses the organizational adjustment of Croatian local units for the implementation of EU funds, while Nada Pejić and Krešimir Buntak research whether delegation may increase the efficiency of state administration. Prof. Kristian Sabo, prof. Rudolf Scitovski and Petar Taler apply the mathematic model on the analysis of the possible number of constituencies in Croatia.
In this issue you may also find new court and administrative practice of the European Court of Human Rights, the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia and Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Croatia. Three news from international and domestic conferences have been published, as well as an interview in English language given by prof. Ivan Koprić and Tijana Vukojičić Tomić on the right to vote for Croatian citizens living abroad. The new issue is concluded with glossary on public policy. In total, this issue contains nine scientific papers (five thereof written in English) and two professional papers written in English.