New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

The new issue 4/2011 of Croatian and Comparative Public Administration Journal brings numerous interesting topics from the field of public services and public management, administrative education, regional self-government, public administration reforms in the Republic of Serbia, all written by domestic and foreign authors, experts in public administration. Prof. emeritus Hellmut Wollmann discusses different modes of public service provision in European countries; Miro Hacek on introduction of entrepreneurial principles in Slovenian municipal administration; Snezana Djordjevic on reforms of public services in Serbia. Professors Ian D. Clark and Leslie Pal analyse and compare existing academic programs and professional competencies of Masters of public administration and of public policy in Canada. Professors Konrad de Ceuninck and Herwig Reynaert interpret future state reforms in Flanders; Vedran Djulabic and Romea Manojlović deal with administrative aspects of regional and cohesion policy in Croatia. Jasmina Dzinic writes on public administration reform in Serbia and Stevan Lilic provides a review of strategy for public administration reform in Serbia in the context of European integration. Academic Jaksa Barbic and retired Vlado Puljiz write about work of deceased academic Eugen Pusic; Barbic on Pusic’s activities within Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and Puljiz on Pusic’s considerations regarding social state, social policy and social welfare.

New issue also contains a review of Stevan Lilić's book „Administrative Lawp/administrative procedural law“; recent jurisprudence of Croatian Constitutional Court and Administrative Court as well as recent administrative practice of Civil Service Committee; an interview with Joško Klisović, Head of Department of President of the Republic of Croatia on new initiative Open Government Partnership in Croatia; news from the conference Administrative Justice Coping with European Challenges, three round tables: Challenges for Citizens Inclusion in Creating Public Policies; Open Government Partnership; Decentralization, news from representation of the study Ten topics in the Public Administration Reform in Croatia and from commemorative meeting held in honour of deceased academic Eugen Pusic, and finally a glossary with expropriation terms. New issue contains nine scientific papers (eight of them written in English) and one professional paper.