New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 4/2012 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued. 

The new issue contains articles dealing with the topics of administrative theory, relationship between civil society and public administration, administrative contracts and public procurements, performance management in the public sector and the theory of local self-government.

In total nine scientific papers have been published, comprising four original scientific papers, two review scientific papers and three preliminary scientific reports. Six papers are written in English and three in Croatian.

Professor John Halligan has devoted his paper to the explanation of the reforms undertaken in Australia and the outcomes of these reforms with the focus on present reforms and the problem that have arisen. Also, the author uses the comparative approach, explaining similar reforms undertaken in New Zealand and Great Britain. Jasmina Džinić writes about the quality of public administration, with a special emphasis on the public sector awards as an instrument to stimulate and enhance the quality of public sector. Jelena Matančević analyses the challenges and specificities that appear during the conduction of international comparative civil sector researches. The paper also contains the review of most important researches. Professor Marc Gjidara has devoted his paper to the contractual relations between public law partners in France, with special emphasis on the contracts between central state and local units, whose number has increased after the start of the decentralization process in 1980s. Professor Didier Truchet deals with the basic principles of the public procurement procedure in France and the influence EU law has had on it. Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović, PhD and Sunčana Slijepčević, PhD, analyse the possibility of the introduction of performance measurement at sub-national level in Croatia and they try to point out the main obstacles preventing the introduction of this system, which would certainly bring to faster local and regional development. Professor Mohan S. Kashikar explains the performance appraisal system in India, its main weaknesses and suggests possible solutions. Professor Ivan Koprić analyses the changes in the territorial structure in European countries, grouping these countries into three categories. The paper also discusses the question how to solve the problems emerging from different needs, interests and circumstances in territorially different units. Anamarija Musa, PhD, has devoted her paper to the topic of agencification as a new form of decentralization basing on the tasks. In her paper she has explained the good and bad sides of agencification and the development and progression of this trend in Croatia.

Besides scientific paper, this issue of the journal contains also one book review, glossary, court practice from the Administrative court in Rijeka and High administrative court of the Republic of Croatia, practice of the Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Croatia, as well as a number of news from Croatian and international conferences and events.