New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

New issue of Croatian and Comparative Public Administration journal (no. 3/2011) has just been published. It contains numerous scientific and professional papers on topical issues of administrative reforms, local self-government, administrative procedural law and europeanisation of public administration. You may also get information on the newest court and administrative practice, read a review of book about development of the Slovenian public administration 1991-2011 edited by Polonca Kovač and Gregor Virant; news from several recently held domestic and international conferences held both in Croatia and abroad in the field of public administration, public policy and administrative law and news from the lecture held in Zagreb by the eminent professor B.Guy Peters on theory and practice of public administration in the last fifty years, as well as to find out on different structures and forms of sub-municipal self-government in the countries throughout Europe from the glossary. This issue has three original scientific papers, three review scientific papers, one preliminary scientific report and two professional papers, whereof four papers have been written in English.