New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 3/2013 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued. The new issue of the journal contains papers dealing with Europeanization of public administration, local and urban governance, services of general interest and public law. The new issue contains eight scientific papers, three them of original scientific papers, four review scientific papers and one preliminary scientific reports. Seven papers are published in English and one in Croatian.

The first part of the journal is devoted to the topic of Europeanization of public administration. This part contains papers published by Professor Atilla Agh and Dario Čepo, PhD. Professor Agh has devoted his paper to the topic of Europeanization of public administration in countries of Eastern and Central Europe, with special emphasis on good governance and participative democracy. Dario Čepo, PhD, in his paper writes about the relationship between national public administrations and democratic deficit in the European Union, especially concerning the comitology. The second part of the journal deal with local and urban governance and it contains papers published by Filipe Telese, PhD, and Professor Collin Copus. Filipe Teles writes about the local co-governance and the third secotr artificial autonomy, while Professor Colin Copus explains problem and situation of local governance in London. The third part of the journal is devoted to the topic of services of general interest. Nikola Popović, PhD and Professor Nikoleta Radionov write about the Liberalization of Network Industries and Public Regulatory Function, while Nikola Popović writes also about the horizontal approach to network industries in Croatia. The last section of the paper containing scientific paper is devoted to the topic of public law. In this section Jadranka Sovdat, PhD, writes about the relationship between the Constitutional court of the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union law, while Polonca Kovač, PhD, explains the execution in Slovenian law, its problems and court practice in this regard.

Besides scientific articles, this issue contains also one book review, glossary written by Mihovil Škarica, PhD, court practice by the High administrative court of the Republic of Croatia, Administrative courts in Rijeka and Osijek and the Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Croatia. The journal also contains a number of news and information from relevant conferences and round tables.