New issue of the "Croatian and Comparative Public Administration"

Dear readers and followers, the number 2/2012 of the journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration has just been issued. This issue of the journal contains eight scientific and three professional papers. Among them five scientific papers have been published in English and three in Croatian. Among the professional paper, two have been published in Croatian and one in English.

The new issue of the journal contains topics dealing with local public policies, administrative reforms in South-East Europe, regional policy in Croatian, public law and papers devoted to the life and work of Academy member Eugen Pusić.

Professors Jostein Askim and Harald Baldersheim have devoted their paper „Policy Learning in Local Government: The Role of Reflexive Leadership“to the fundamental question what marks the policy learning process of local councillors. Professor Jill L. Tao in the paper Textbook vs. Praxis: Comparative Lessons in Policy-Making at the Local Level in East Asia“discusses policy learning at the local level in East Asia. Mihovil Škarica, Katja Michalak, PhD, Zarije Seizović, PhD have devoted their papers to administrative reforms in different South-East European countries. In this respect, Mihovil Škarica has shown the process of public administration reforms in contemporary Albania, while Katja Michalak has explored the quality of governance in public administration reforms in Bulgaria and Rumania. Zarije Seizović has shown the present state of Bosnian and Herzegovinian public administration and emphasized the need for a comprehensive reforms in this field. Vedran Đulabić. PhD and Mihovil Škarica in their paper „Regional Policy and the Various Statuses of Local Units“ deal with the position of the numerous local units in Croatia that are lagging behind in their development or are geographically specific and analyze general and special legislation in this field as well as statistical data. Ivana Juras Anić deals with the question of urban policy as an integral part of regional policy in European Union and Croatia and analyzes the reforms of EU regional policy in respect to its policy towards the cities. Professor Stjepan Ivanišević in his paper has shown the work of Academy member Eugen Pusić in public administration field, with special attention devoted to the theoretical and methodological position in analyzing public administration. The paper written by professor Josip Kregar is devoted also to the work of Academy member Pusić, but this time in respect to his work in the field of sociology of law. Kregar says Pusić is the leading theoretician of legal theory and sociology of law in Croatia. Alen Rajko, PhD, explains the position of the journalist when accessing to the public sector information from the aspect of Croatian legislation. Hrvoje Perica deals with the topic of electronic communication infrastructure and explains the institute of the right of way as a new institution introduced into the Electronic Communications Act because of the necessity to harmonize Croatian legislation with those of the EU.

Besides scientific and professional papers, this issue of the journal contains also one book review. It is the review of the book “The new Public Governance“, edited by Stephan P. Osborn and published in 2010.

The section Court and administrative practices contains the decisions by the High Court of the Republic of Croatian, the Administrative Court in Rijeka and the Civil Service Commission of the Republic of Croatia.

After eight news and information from various conferences, round tables, lectures and book promotion, this issue of the journal concludes with the memories by professor Josip Kregar on the relations taht academy member Pusić had towards his students.