Professor Ivan Koprić, Ph.D.

Full Professor of Administrative Science, head of the Chair of Administrative Science and head of the Study Centre for Public Administration and Public Finances at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb. Employed at the Faculty of Law from 1990, with previous three year experience as a large company lawyer. President of the Institute of Public Administration, Zagreb, Croatia from 2008. Editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Croatian and Comparative Public Administration (Zagreb, Croatia) from 2005; Editor of book series Contemporary Public Administration (25 books so far) from 2002. Member of the editorial board of scientific journals Review of Social Policy (Zagreb, Croatia), Annals of the Croatian Academy of Legal Sciences (Zagreb, Croatia), and Lex Localis (Maribor, Slovenia, Trieste, Italy, Graz, Austria, and Split, Croatia). Used to be: vice-dean of the Faculty (2001-2003), head of the Public Administration Study (2004-2007), head of the Department for Public Law and Public Administration (2005-2013), dean of the Social Sciences Polytechnic (2006-2011), head of the postgraduate interdisciplinary study Public Administration (2006-2010).

Courses at law study, public administration study, tax administration study, study of social work, postgraduate studies (Public Administration; Urban Management; Social Policy; etc.), doctoral study of public law and public administration, and a few other doctoral studies. Some courses: Public Management; European Administrative Space; Administrative Science; Comparative Public Administration; Sociology of Public Administration; Human Resources Development; Organisation Theory; E-Government; Public Services; State Administration in Croatia; Local Government; Regional Policy; etc. Mentored six PhD theses, three MSc theses, and 160 graduation theses.

PhD in Organisation Science and Public Administration at the University of Zagreb.

The author and/or editor of the following books, monographs, research reports, and handbooks:

  • Chrestomathy of Administrative Science, vol. I (co-author; 1998),

  • Chrestomathy of Administrative Science, vol. II (co-author; 1998),

  • Structure and Communication in Administrative Organisations (author; 1999),

  • Modernisation of the Croatian Public Administration (co-author and editor; 2003),

  • Legislative Frameworks for Decentralisation (co-author and editor; 2003),

  • Public Administration (co-author and editor; 2006),

  • Modernisation of General Administrative Procedure and Public Administration in Croatia (co-author and co-editor; 2009),

  • The New Law on General Administrative Procedure: Practical Issues and Application Problems (co-author and editor; 2009),

  • Attracting and Retaining the Best People in the Civil Service (author; 2009),

  • About the new Law on General Administrative Procedures (author; 2010),

  • Managing Performance in the Western Balkan Civil Service Structures (author; 2010),

  • European Administrative Space (co-author, 2012),

  • Reform of Local and Regional Government in Croatia (co-author and editor; 2013),

  • Agencies in Croatia: Regulation and Privatization of Public Services at the State, Local and Regional Level (editor and co-author; 2013),

  • Twenty Years of Local Self-Government in Croatia (editor and co-author; 2013),

  • Europeanization of Administrative Justice in Croatia (co-author and editor; 2014).

The author of more than 80 scientific papers and more than 160 other articles and papers in Croatia and abroad. More than a hundred presentations at scientific conferences. Participated in more than 35 scientific, policy, and other projects in Croatia and abroad; and led ten of them. Consultant in more than 15 projects financed by the EU, the WB, the OECD, the UNDP and other donors in the region. OECD-SIGMA expert. A member of the Constitutional Committee of the Croatian Parliament (2008-2011, 2012-2014).

Member of:
  • the Scientific Board of the Academy of Law Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia (2006 -)

  • the Scientific Council for the State Administration, Judiciary and the Rule of Law, Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts (2004 -)

  • the International Political Science Association, IPSA (2009 -)

  • the Croatian Political Science Association (2009 -)

  • the IPSA Research Committee 05 Comparative studies on local government and politics (2012 )

  • the IPSA Research Committee 32 Public policy and administration (2012 -)

  • the Croatian Council of the Partnership for Open Government (2012 -)

  • the Decentralisation Commission of the Croatian Government (2012 -)

  • the Managing Council of the State School for Public Administration (2012 -)

  • the Croatian Section of the European Regional Science Association (2013 -).

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